Some advice on email sign up forms

I came across a post on the Marketing Sherpa blog today that I think has very valuable advice for organizations and companies who are trying to get people to sign up for an email newsletter. Every so often I have a client who looks at their enewsletter sign up rates and questions why they aren’t getting more people to hand over their email address. Chances are, their offer consists of one of the following things:

  • A blank box on the home page that doesn’t specify what the person is signing up for (because it’s obvious what they’ll be getting)
  • A box that just says “Sign up for our free email newsletter” (everyone likes free stuff, right?)
  • A link that says “Sign up for <enewsletter name>” (because your enewsletter is so well-known it needs no introduction)

In all of the above examples, the offer is not communicating a value proposition. It doesn’t answer the question of “what’s in it for me?” Tell — or better yet, show — your visitors what they’ll be getting and how it is relevant to their interests (for some good examples, check out Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog), and you should see the conversion rate for enewsletter sign ups begin to rise.

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