Writing Samples

Urban Land Design Dividend Urban Land Design Dividend
The State of Nonprofit Data
NTEN/Idealware report
November 2012
Data Visualization and Infographics
Idealware blog
August 2012
Urban Land article Life Imitates Art Urban Land Design Dividend Ground Floor Settling for Second-Best
Life Integrates Art
Urban Land magazine
September 2004
The Design Dividend
Urban Land magazine
November/December 2006
Settling for Second-Best
The Ground Floor
November 2006
DCist article Looking Further West DCist article Elvis Rearranged
Grants: They’re Not Just
for Google Anymore

Beaconfire Wire
April 2010
Looking Further West
Imagining the Next Ballston

DCist, June 2005
Elvis, Rearranged
DCist, June 2006

Presentations and Webinars


  • Interview with Ray Kurzweil about how architects, developers and planners can prepare for coming technological changes.
  • Interview with Bill Emmott on the influence of China and India in the global economy.
  • Interview with Peter Calthorpe on the evolution of the New Urbanist movement.
  • Interview with Donna Shalala on the stewardship role for the University of Miami in the surrounding city.